Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior 12.5kg
Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior 12.5kg

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Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior 12.5kg

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A highly palatable blend of 60 grasses and herbs from the alpine foothills of Bavaria with 2% cold pressed linseed. Just add water, leave for 5 minutes and feed as a mash - the oldies love this product, use warm water in the winter!

The 100% pure and natural feed is specially designed for veterans or horses with chewing difficulties. The chopped fibre length is 3-20mm and replicates the exact length that your horse would grind down and swallow and therefore eliminates choke.

Pre Alpin Senior can be used as a 100% forage replacer and will give the total raw fibre your horse requires to maintain good intestinal flora, digestion and of course condition.

Also a great product for convalescing horses or after surgery, soft and easy to eat, naturally nutritious!

Meadow grasses and herbs, oil mixture cold-pressed (linseed oil, camelina oil)

  • as basic feed (100% hay substitute)
  • for enhancement of hay, silage, pasture
  •  as substitute for concentrated feed
  • in case of undersupply with applicable crude fibre, e.g. due to tooth loss
  • in case of age-related weight loss
  • for increasing fluid intake
  • extends feeding time · in case of chewing and dental problems
  • for masking medication

as basic feed (100% hay substitute): approximately 1.5 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight per day

as concentrated feed: 1.2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain

for enhancement of the basic feed: 1 kg substitutes approximately 1 kg of hay

If necessary, dampen PRE ALPIN® Senior, especially in old horses with low water intake. Introduce new feed gradually.


Crude protein 9,50 % Fructan 6,59 %
Crude oils and fats 2,80 % Zinc 33,00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 26,00 % Manganese 100,00 mg/kg
Crude ash 8,00 % Copper 6,70 mg/kg
Calcium 0,56 % Selenium < 0,04 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0,24 % Lysine 0,43 %
Magnesium 0,21 % Methionine 0,15 %
Chloride 0,43 % Cystine 0,15 %
Sodium 0,03 % Threonine 0,36 %
Potassium 1,51 % Digestible energy 8,27 DE MJ / kg
Sulphur 0,15 % Metabolisable energy 7,00 ME MJ/kg
Starch 1,10 % Precaec. dig. crude protein 5,10 %
Sugar 9,18 %