Blue Chip Feed Balancer Lami-Light 15kg

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Blue Chip Feed Balancer Lami-Light 15kg

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Lami-light is a diet, which has been specifically formulated for laminitic and overweight horses and ponies. It is low in calories and whole cereal-free and includes magnesium for insulin activity.

Add Lami-Light to your horse’s feed to promote:
  • Weight Loss
  • Coat, Skin & Hooves
  • Weight Bearing & Stance
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Digestive Health
Susceptible to laminitis
Current research shows that ponies and horses prone to, or recovering from laminitis, should not be starved, but can be assisted by nutritional support. As part of a restricted diet the ingredients specially incorporated into Lami-light do just that. Lami-light may help your pony or horse to become calmer and less stressed even when on controlled grazing or confined to the stable. If you suspect your pony or horse has laminitis, veterinary advice should be sought immediately. With increasing knowledge as to how and why this crippling condition occurs and the help of your vet and farrier – plus the part modern nutrition can play in recovery – your pony or horse now has a greater chance of continuing to lead a sound, active life.

Good doers and those prone to being overweight
Native ponies and some breeds of horses, are exceptionally efficient at converting their feed and can do very well on a simple diet. Overweight ponies and horses tend to have big crests and may have abnormal fat deposits elsewhere, particularly at the base of the tail. There appears to be a link between insulin resistance and these fat deposits. Lami-light contains magnesium, which is believed to have a direct effect on the vascular changes induced by high insulin. In trials, magnesium supplementation has been shown to help insulin activity, resulting in reduced fat deposits. Lami-light is low in calories, starch and sugar and has been specially formulated to promote health and well-being whilst on a restricted diet.

Hoof quality
Horses and ponies that have had laminitis are more susceptible to developing poor quality hooves. Feeding Lami-light will provide your horse or pony with the correct nutrients necessary for the production of high quality, strong, pliable hooves.