Blue Chip Joint Supplement Dynamic 15kg

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Blue Chip Joint Supplement Dynamic 15kg

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Dynamic is a pelleted supplement, with added silicone to help produce strong, dense bone. Vital for growing youngstock, young competition horses and the veteran whose bone density and mobility will diminish with age.

Add Dynamic to your horse’s feed to promote:
  • Stiffness (reduce)
  • Performance
  • Mobility
Joints are prone to physical damage from exercise and incorrect movement. Damaged tissues release chemicals such as free radical toxins. The effects of free radicals can be modified by the diet of the horse; similarly the reconstruction of healthy protein is dependent on nutrients in the diet.

Key Building Blocks
Glucosamine is required for the formation of synovial fluid which lubricates the joints and for the renewal of connective tissue both in and around the joints. It provides the joints with the building blocks needed to repair damage caused by the wear and tear of training, competing and the natural ageing process.

MSM (methyl-sulphonyl-methane) is an organic sulphur source which has been shown to complement the action of glucosamine. Its properties can aid muscle recovery, promote circulation and is a key component in cartilage formation. It is a scavenger of free radicals with antioxidant properties.

Blue Chip does not contain any mammal or fish products or by products, therefore chondroitin which can be derived from shark fin, pig or cattle cartilage is not included.