Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound 18kg
Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound 18kg

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Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound 18kg

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Your laminitic is very ill and needs both a balanced diet and occupational therapy provided by a low calorie diet. Safe & Sound is the perfect balanced diet as it provides long fibre to supply bulk and chewing; ‘nutri-nuggets’ which are packed with vits, mins and antioxidants. It provides therapeutic levels of biotin, as well as MSM to reduce inflammation and is 50% lower in calories compared to similar products available.

A low calorie (50% less than comparable products), fully supplemented, long fibre, low starch, low  sugar, fibre feed for laminitics. Ideal for ponies that are stabled as provides long fibre for chewing. Formulation based on our own and the latest international studies on laminitis.
  • Provides therapeutic levels of biotin
  • Fully fortified with over 25 vitamins and minerals to support recovery and healing
  • High in antioxidants, our published research showed that laminitics have three times the levels of free radicals compared to non laminitics
  • Formulated to be fed at less than 1kg/day for ponies
  • Very low calorie intake; low in starch and sugar
  • High fibre for occupational therapy, increases chewing and saliva production
  • Feed alongside soaked hay or oat straw

Analytical Constituents:

  • Est. Digestible Energy 8.5 MJ/kg
  • Crude Protein 8.0%
  • Crude Oils and Fats 4.0%
  • Crude Fibre 23.0%
  • Crude Ash 10.0%
  • Copper 55 mg/kg
  • Sodium 0.5%
  • Lysine 3 g/kg
  • Starch 5.0%
  • Sugar 5.0%
  • Biotin 10 mg/kg
  • Vitamin A 14,000 iu/kg
  • Vitamin D 2,000 iu/kg
  • Vitamin E 200 mg/kg
  • Vitamin C 160 mg/kg
  • Mixed tocopherols/E306 60mg/kg
  • Rosemary extract 110mg/kg

Feed 300g/100kg bodyweight per day to horses and ponies. For example, feed a 125kg Shetland pony 375g per day and feed a 550kg Welsh Cob 1.65kg (1 scoop) per day. Feed with hay that has been soaked for 12hrs or oat straw