GWF Nutrition - Equilibra 500 20kg

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GWF Nutrition - Equilibra 500 20kg

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A complementary feed for horses and ponies, designed to balance a natural fibre based diet and lay the foundation for healthy performance, vitality and condition.

Key Benefits:
  • Maintains a high level of natural gut function to allow your horse to maximise the nutrients from it staple forage based diet. Important for all disciplines.

  • Provides a feed source for the beneficial bacteria in the hind gut that produce the enzymes required to release energy, protein, vitamins and trace elements.

  • Will provide the total supplementation to forage that your horse will need in light work or resting (subject to the quality of the forage).

  • Utilises a new delivery system to provide a combination of nutricines (feed components that have health benefits) to maintain a high level of digestion and absorption by aiding emulsification, the bio-availability of nutrients and a slow passage of feed through the stomach and small intestine - all of which are particularly important for performance horses.

  • Will provide all the requirements for vitamins and trace elements that are essential for performance horses when fed in conjunction with quality forage and hard feeds. In addition, Equilibra 500 will also provide high levels of natural antioxidants through the use of digestion aiding ingredients that are exclusive to Gro-Well Feeds.

  • Provides increased benefits to aid: health, digestion, temperament, enjoyment and performance.

Supplied as a pre-ground 2mm pellet to support good stomach preparation of feed for digestion in the small intestine and hindgut.

Contains natural ingredients to aid the passage of feed in the foregut, allowing better digestion and absorption of vitamins: A, D, E and K, proteins, starches and minerals. Contains natural buffering materials to stabilise pH and maintain the natural expulsion of gasses created by hindgut microbial fermentation. Contains natural forms of vitamin E antioxidants to maintain gut wall membranes and the transfer of nutrients.

Nutritional analysis

Oil: 7%
Protein: 23%
Fibre: 9%
Estimated DE: 14Mj/Kg
Calcium: 1.2%
Vitamin A: 44000iu/kg
Vitamin D: 5000iu/kg
Vitamin E: 500iu/kg