Saracen Shape Up Low Calorie Horse Feed 20kg

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Saracen Shape Up Low Calorie Horse Feed 20kg

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It is well documented that inappropriate dietary management and insufficient exercise is one of the main causes of equine obesity in the UK horse and pony population. Any horse or pony that carries excess body weight over a prolonged period of time will suffer from health problems. Such problems include increased stress on the cardiovascular and skeletal systems and most importantly an increased risk of laminitis and hyperlipemia; both of which can have fatal consequences.

Shape-Up is the result of nearly two years of research and development and incorporates some of the most recent and up to date nutritional innovations specifically for horses and ponies that require a low starch and low energy feed. Saracen Shape-Up is formulated to create a balanced diet at low intake levels.

  • Low Calorie Complete Feed
  • Ideal for Good Does & Native Breeds
  • Good for Horses on Box Rest
  • Highly Palatable
  • Balanced Vitamin & Mineral Content

When considering how to feed a horse or pony to promote and optimise normal metabolism there are three aspects that should be taken into account when evaluating suitable feeds:

  •     The carbohydrate composition of the feed
  •     The glycemic response that will follow ingestion
  •     The feeding strategies that will be used

Shape-Up is based on Saracen Horse Feed's unique super fibre technology to produce a low starch, low sugar feed to give a minimal glycemic response post feeding when fed in small quantities. The high fibre content of Shape-Up and the inclusion of an original neutralizing ingredient, helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. This product is one of a kind in that it works in both the stomach and the hindgut. In the stomach it will help to promote normal acidity levels in horses on a restricted diet. In the hindgut it maintains a normal pH to ensure the health of the bacterial population in the large intestine.

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Typical Analysis
Protein 9.5%, Oil 5.5%, Fibre 15.5%, Starch 8.9%, Digestible Energy 9.7 MJ/kg