TopSpec Calmer 3kg
TopSpec Calmer 3kg TopSpec Calmer 3kg

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TopSpec Calmer 3kg

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Designed to be fed to horses and ponies with anxious temperaments, particularly those that cannot cope with stressful situations.

Not all horses are anxious for the same reason so TopSpec Calmer has been developed with much more than a ‘single ingredient’ approach. It contains yeast, MOS, B vitamins, magnesium, tryptophan and sepiolite clay, which all act in different ways to help calm and relax responsive horses. Reduces anxiety without affecting non-anxious behaviour or presence.

  • Equine Calming Supplement
  • Helps to Calm & Relax
  • Multiple Active Ingredients
  • Can Help Improve Performance
  • Reduces Effects of Stress
  • It will start to take effect within hours but maximum effects will be seen within three weeks.

Produced in accordance with the BETA NOPS programme to ensure it is of the highest standards available for competition use, to give competitors maximum peace of mind.

Contains only natural ingredients but no herbs.

TopSpec Calmer is a very palatable, caramel-flavoured additive that should be mixed into damp feed

TopSpec Calmer is supplied in 3kg tubs which will last a 500kg horse for one month