TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes 20kg

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TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes 20kg

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This highly-innovative muesli blend is 25% more conditioning than traditional conditioning mixes and cubes:

  • To improve condition.
  • To provide balanced calories and protein for performance.
  • To provide a balance of fast-releasing energy with oil for stamina.
  • To reduce the weight of current hard feed intake without reducing performance or condition.

As an approximate guide 1.5kg (3lb) of Super Conditioning Flakes will replace 2kg (4lb) of traditional cereals/cereal-based feeds.
TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes are full of naturally oil-rich ingredients and are very palatable. ‘Naturally oil-rich ingredients’ contain intracellular oil. This is oil that occurs within the cells of a plant. Feeding intracellular oil is a very palatable and highly-available way of providing oil in the diet. These calories are balanced with high quality soya as a protein source and with available sources of calcium and salt added.

However, unlike TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes the flakes do contain cooked cereal as one of their major ingredients and therefore contain a medium level of starch (approximately 35%). This compares with a starch level of 55% in cooked wheat, 51% in cooked barley and 61% in cooked maize.
Partly because the cereal is cooked and partly because 25% of the calories come from 'non-heating' oil, recommended intakes of TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes do not cause over-exuberant behaviour in most horses. However a small number of horses cannot tolerate starch in their diets and some owners prefer not to feed it, in those situations we recommend TopSpec CoolCondition Cubes.

TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes can be mixed with any other horse feeds including a TopChop, various forms of sugar beet pulp, and compound cubes/mixes.